Full refurbishment of a 3-bedroom flat in a 1960s building


Area: 120sqm


Key objectives: optimise the internal layout, and connect the kitchen, living room and dining area


Scope of work: architectural and interior design, site coordination


Photos by Isaure Lambert

3-Bedroom flat - Paris

early design studies - paris

Early studies of part of an haussmannian 4-bedroom flat (kitchen / child's bedroom / office) in central Paris


Area: 20sqm


Key objectives: enlarge the child's bedroom so as to include a full height built-in wardrobe, design a bespoke raised bed with built in storage, reconfigure part of the kitchen and connect it to a new utility room


Scope of work: concept and design studies

4-bedroom flat - London

Full refurbishment of a 4-bedroom flat in an 1930s residential building


Area: 180sqm


Key objectives: create a new connection between the kitchen and the living area by the windows overlooking a garden, reconfigure the kitchen to include an island and a dining area


Scope of work: all stages from concept design to site coordination

split level apartment - Paris

New stair concept, full refurbishment of both levels of a maisonette in a 1990s residential building in Saint-Germain-des-Prés


Area: 150sqm


Key objectives: connect the independent residential units, enlarge the parental suite, integrate a home cinema


Scope of work: all stages from concept design to site coordination and interior design


Photos by Isaure Lambert

Stairs by cabinet AARKA